Immersion Experiences

At SSIS not all learning takes place within the school. Throughout the school year students have the opportunity to learn outside the traditional classroom environment.

SSIS organizes camps as part of its diverse education program. From Grades 3-11, specific camps are held in order to emphasize key skills in the development of the individual student. The aim of camps is to develop strong social bonds among a diverse student body through dynamic group activities, which will allow students to become more productive learners once they return to the classroom, and to establish the non-academic skills they will need as workers and citizens.

Students from Nursery to Grade 12 have the opportunity to participate in a range of field trips related to the curriculum they are currently studying. Examples include:

  • Grade 2 visit a local shopping centre as they learn about trade during their ‘How we organize ourselves’ unit. They have a certain amount of money to spend and make decisions about what goods they could buy and trade with their classmates.
  • Grade 3 visiting the recycling centre to understand how people care for the environment and ways we can be responsible in looking after it.
  • Grade 8 Science and Food Design students visit May Farm to examine the long term viability of organic farming.
  • Grade 9 Humanities students visit a waterworks facility at Yancheng lake to gain a better understanding of local water management
  • Grade 9 Visual Arts students visit Yi Xing to learn more about pottery making.

Community Service is also an important component of the student experience at SSIS. Students work to support groups within Suzhou, China and beyond. Students can participate in many and varied activities including volunteering at an orphanage in Suzhou, fundraising for scholarships for Chinese migrant children to attend school, and working with children as part of the Vasfontein Community Transformation project in South Africa. Learn more