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one of the best international schools in China

36. average score on the ibdp

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60%. Teachers with advanced degrees

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16. average years of teaching experience

an international community

49. nationalities represented everyday

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85%. student participation in extracurricular activities

the oldest international school in Suzhou


one of the best international schools in China

36. average score on the ibdp

something extra for everyone

100+ extracurricular activities offered

a rigorous international education for all

3. ib programs offering a continuous ib education

Recent News

Grade 5 and 3 Collaboration

Last Wednesday the grade 5 students worked in their Learning PODs to showcase their collaborative inquiry challenges, which celebrated their learning within the Who We Are unit of inquiry. They presented these to their grade 3 buddy students.

SSIS Students Raise Money for Children with Congenital Heart Disease

SSIS Heart to Heart students with the support of the SSIS service committee made the donation of RMB60,000 to fund surgery and treatment for two children from Guizhou province, who were born with congenital heart disease. With the donation, both children were able to have open heart surgery in Shanghai on September 7th this year.

Virtual Meet & Greet Series: Boston University

The first event of this series will be hosted on Monday October 25th at 7:00 pm with Boston University.

Join virtually to speak to Ms. Samantha Fifield, Assistant Director of International Admissions of Boston University. Learn more about BU and ask any questions you have.

Early Years Open Event is Coming! Book Your Seat

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting three Early Years Open Events for this academic semester from October to December. Come and meet with our passionate early years educators, find out more about programmes offered, student life, our inclusive and nurturing learning environments and more.

Suzhou Heritage Trip

On September 26th the members of Suzhou Heritage took the teachers on a trip to Panmen. A total of 33 people went to the trip making this trip the biggest one in the past few years for our service group.

SSIS College Counsellors Encourage Students to "Reach for the Stars!"

The college application process can be anxiety-inducing at times, but it also presents a wonderful opportunity for students to explore their own strengths and even achieve outcomes that are beyond their own expectations! Indeed, one of the key themes and refrains oft-repeated within the College Counselling Department this year is for students to "Reach for the stars!"

Middle School New Student Welcome Brunch

We are excited to welcome over 50 new SSIS students into grades 6 through 8 thus far this year. SSIS is full of wonderful students, and we know that it can be exciting and also challenging to start at a new school. So our Middle School Student Council worked with our Student Ambassadors Service Group and our Canteen vendors to put on a New Student Welcome Brunch.

Celebrating 25 Years of Education Excellence

This Year, SSIS celebrates the 25th anniversary of providing excellent international education to expatriate families in Suzhou since our founding in the year of 1996.

To kick off the anniversary celebration, SSIS is proud to release its 25th anniversary logo.

SSIS Welcome New Parents to Join the Community

This week, SSIS PSP group (Parent School Partnership) has held a welcome event to welcome parents who are new to our community. With more than 100 new parents, members of PSP, school leadership to attend, it was a great way for new families to get acquainted with the school community and make connections.

Grade 5 Laptop Launch day

Tuesday 14th September sees the G5 Laptop Launch day. Parents and students gather in the theatre for a short presentation regarding safe and responsible use of the devices, both at school and at home.

Messy Play and Counselling

Our Messy Play program started a number of years ago, based on research which associates opportunities to engage in messy play as necessary in the development of healthy children. Through engaging in a variety of sensory experiences, whether the medium is water, sand, glue, mud, glitter, slime, stones or fabric students develop a healthy disposition for learning and a sense of curiosity about the world.

16 Service Groups Recruiting New Members at SSIS Service Expo

A new school year is underway at SSIS and with the start of our ECP program comes the annual SSIS Service Expo on Wednesday, September 8th. This event gives our school service groups, in which there are 16 in total an opportunity to display to the student body and community what their purpose and mission are and look to actively recruit new students to their groups who are interested.

Exciting Curriculum Development to Support Rigor Needed for SSIS Learners

As of August 2021, SSIS would proudly present a clear academic program in the areas of Mathematics and Literacy. Students will be engaged in and interacting with Reveal math and Readers and Writers workshop style in class. All the new developments will bring a higher level of differentiation and inclusion into the classes. It will allow teachers to focus on the individual needs of each student.

Welcome to 2021-2022 School Year!

With the new school year ahead of us, full of new discoveries, friendships, and learning opportunities, we're so looking forward to the adventures and the fun we're going to experience together!

The SSIS community is honestly the ideal mixture of acceptance, encouragement and quirk. If I were to have learned anything at SSIS, it would be to simply not be ordinary. The ordinary doesn't make hearts skip or put smiles on faces. The ordinary doesn't inspire the minds of people around them. The ordinary doesn't evoke progress in a world that desperately needs it.

Hannah Xuan En Yeo, Class of 2021