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At a glance

one of the best international schools in China

36. average score on the ibdp

passionate teachers and lifelong learners

60%. Teachers with advanced degrees

dedicated teachers and staff

16. average years of teaching experience

an international community

49. nationalities represented everyday

learning beyond the classroom

85%. student participation in extracurricular activities

the oldest international school in Suzhou


one of the best international schools in China

36. average score on the ibdp

something extra for everyone

100+ extracurricular activities offered

a rigorous international education for all

3. ib programs offering a continuous ib education

Recent News

Grade 2 Science Fair – How the World Works

Grade 2 have been working hard. Within class time they have been learning all about Procedural texts which has led directly into our science unit and how to write a scientific procedure.

Football for Humanity

This year the SSIS Habitat for Humanity Club continued their tradition of "Football for Humanity". We have hosted this event for over 7 years, and we had a great turnout. Six teams played and games were friendly, yet competitive.

SSIS Secondary Production

Over the last three months our SSIS secondary students have been busy preparing for the opening of the musical. The time has finally come for them to present 'The Addams Family Musical'. The cast consists of 87 students from Grade 6-12 and staff, including performers, crew, orchestra, student assistant directors and the director.

Early Years Dance Extravaganza

Our Dance Extravaganza is a celebration of the Arts and is an opportunity for classes and grade levels to tailor an event that provides students with an age appropriate way of expressing themselves with the early years community.

Grade 4 Celebration of Learning

On Tuesday 24 November, Grade 4 had the privilege of hosting their parents for their first parent event at SSIS in a long time. The How We Express Ourselves unit is a highly collaborative unit where Homeroom, Music and Art specialists combine to help students inquire into the art of persuasion.

SSIS Alumni Spotlight - Jan Mertlik 

SSIS Alumni go on to do many amazing things following their time at SSIS. Today, we are pleased to highlight our first alumnus, in the SSIS Alumni Spotlight series, Jan Mertlik, who attended SSIS from 2010-2013.

What is the significance of design?

Grade 8 design students presented their design product in a showcase on October 14, displaying their current Materials design project to create musical instruments out of reused materials and their Digital project to program a short game using the software 'Scratch'. 40 parents were invited to join and witness what students were doing in the class demonstrate part of their design process.

Active for Action

On Wednesday 11 November 2020 our school community came together for the annual Active for Action event supported by the SSIS Service Committee.

The SSIS Service Committee involves members of management, teachers, staff, students and parents. The committee oversees the distribution of funds raised by the school community and ensures the integrity of fundraising while focusing on the ethical matters involved with service.

Grade 10 Mathematics Surveying

On Monday October 19th the grade 10 class participated in a field work organized by the mathematics department at SSIS. The students enjoyed taking part of a learning experience in which they were asked to collect measurements of distances and bearings between landmarks placed in our soccer field, simulating a large piece of land.

A CAS project: When students become teachers

In the beginning, five SSIS Grade 12 students Annie, Amber, Jack, Karen and Mavis, who have a strong competence in both Chinese and English, planned to offer English tutoring classes in the surrounding communities to help Chinese children learn English.

Secondary Production

SSIS secondary production has started the year with Auditions for the Addams Family, and we have some very talented students here at SSIS.

SSIS Record-Breaking IBDP Results

In early July we received news of excellent IBDP results for the SSIS Class of 2020. Following this notification, the IBO released revised results for students worldwide. We are pleased to announce that our overall IB average is 38. The Global World Average was 31, continuing our six-year trend of exceeding the world average by at least 4 to 5 points.

Attending SSIS means the freedom to express myself, learn academically and grow as an individual. The welcoming atmosphere accommodates students who come from multilingual backgrounds and ensures diversity in the school environment to enhance cultural awareness. Attending an international school means broadening my perspectives and constantly learning and engaging in the responsibilities of a world citizen.

We’ve learned the language we speak is not as important as how we choose to learn and utilize different languages to take part in an emerging world community and build values as people of integrity.

Mariam Sakanyan - Student