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One of the Best International Schools

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Suzhou's International School

  • An Excellent Education For All Expatriate Children

At a glance

one of the best international schools in China

36. average score on the ibdp

passionate teachers and lifelong learners

60%. Teachers with advanced degrees

dedicated teachers and staff

16. average years of teaching experience

an international community

49. nationalities represented everyday

learning beyond the classroom

85%. student participation in extracurricular activities

the oldest international school in Suzhou


one of the best international schools in China

36. average score on the ibdp

something extra for everyone

100+ extracurricular activities offered

a rigorous international education for all

3. ib programs offering a continuous ib education

Attending SSIS means the freedom to express myself, learn academically and grow as an individual. The welcoming atmosphere accommodates students who come from multilingual backgrounds and ensures diversity in the school environment to enhance cultural awareness. Attending an international school means broadening my perspectives and constantly learning and engaging in the responsibilities of a world citizen.

We’ve learned the language we speak is not as important as how we choose to learn and utilize different languages to take part in an emerging world community and build values as people of integrity.

Mariam Sakanyan - Student