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Everything we do is for our students and it shows in the happy faces that arrive to school each morning. Each day, our students are given the opportunity to learn not just from our teachers, but from each other as well. They are encouraged to share their own experiences and cultural norms. The uniqueness of being a true international school means our students are able to see the world from a different perspective than their peers from their home country. Students come for an education and leave with something more.

Our TEACHERS are at the heart of

what makes our school outstanding.

SSIS faculty and staff are comprised of over 170 experienced professionals. Our dedicated teachers come from over 20 countries, bringing their own unique perspectives on teaching and learning. Every faculty member is fully qualified, subject to rigorous pre-hire background screening, and certificated in their home countries. And, because we are serious about creating lifelong learners, over 50% (and counting) hold advanced degrees in their respective subject areas. Full staff directory

Our PARENTS are active participants in

our vibrant international community.

Studies show that students perform better when there is open communication between home and school. This is why we have a strong open campus policy. Parents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of their child’s SSIS education. We love seeing parents on campus helping out, joining in or just stopping by to have lunch with their child. We have established parent-friendly meeting policies so that you never miss the chance to be involved. Whether you’re interested in supervising a field trip, contributing to a bake sale or want to lead a committee for our International Family Day, there are no shortage of ways to get involved and other parents from all over the world to make friends with.

We also have an active and lively Parent School Partnership (PSP) organization to bring our community together and better encourage parent involvement throughout the school year. Find out more about the PSP here

Our ACADEMIC SENIOR LEADERS continue our legacy of excellence.

Our Academic Senior Leadership team is comprised of a diverse group of educational leaders who are able to bring their own experiences and perspective to running our dynamic school.