SSIS Community Learning Hub

The SSIS Community Learning Hub offers a range of activities led by dedicated professionals, tutors and coaches that bring another level of expertise to SSIS. Throughout the year our Community Learning Hub offers classes and coaching in sports, dance, fitness, music and the arts. Popular programs include private music lessons, after school swim lessons, all our LearningPlus classes and our popular Summer Programme.

Community Learning Hub classes are open to all SSIS students, parents and teachers as well as the greater Suzhou community. It’s a great way for SSIS to engage with the local community and provides everyone even more opportunities to learn!

While we try to offer something for everyone, activities may change from time to time based on student demand and the availability of teachers. Given the wide range of activities we offer fee rates do differ.

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Semester Activities

Private music lessons, sports coaching and academic tutoring taught by dedicated professionals for all ages. New Learning@SSIS programs are offered each semester.

LearningPlus Classes

Classes designed to extend the SSIS classroom experience with a focus on improving language and math skills. We offer a variety of LearningPlus classes after school.


SSIS Summer Programme

A variety of language and enrichment activities for students from Kindergarten to Grade 10 offered over the summer months.

Learning Break Activities

One or two-week intensive coaching sessions offered over our fall, winter and spring breaks.