Online Registration and Payment

RegISTer now

1. Complete Registration Form

  • Complete registration form online.
  • Please view the SIP and SND service zones of our school buses to determine whether you need to sign up for transportation or not during the online registration.

*If you have difficulty completing the online registration, please contact

2. Payment

  • Bank remittance to the following bank account: (Please remember to state the student name and specify "Summer Programme") or
  • Cash payment at the SSIS Finance Office

Bank: 浦东发展银行苏州工业园区支行
(Shanghai Pudong Development Bank - SIP Branch)

Bank Account Name: 苏州新加坡国际学校

Account Numbers: 89040154800000173

*Please note that a space can only be reserved after all payments have been made.

3. Confirmation and Fapiao

An automatic email confirming the registration is successfully completed will be sent once you submit the application. A second email will be sent from the SSIS Learning Hub regarding the payment within 3 working days. Your application will only be finalized after payment is completed. 

The fapiao will be available within seven working days after your payment has been confirmed. You should indicate the exact fapiao title on the application to obtain a fapiao. No change on the fapiao’s title once one completes the registration.

Please contact if you do not hear from us after two weeks.