Admission Criteria


Our school follows and abides by the Chinese National Education Commission’s guidelines when admitting students to our school:

  • The student must hold a foreign passport and valid residency permit
  • The student must reside in China with at least one parent or guardian
  • At least one parent must hold a foreign passport and a valid residency permit in China.
  • Students are allowed to study under guardianship placements. The guardian must hold a foreign passport and a valid residency permit in China. The guardian must submit to SSIS authorization from the student’s parents.
  • Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan passport holders are considered foreign passports and one of the parents must hold permanent residency in these areas.
  • SSIS is not able to apply for a student visa for any students. For students already enrolled at SSIS who are aged 18 + residing with parents in Suzhou area, SSIS is able to apply to the Suzhou Education Bureau for a Letter of Confirmation which the student can use when applying for an “X2” visa.
  • Under certain circumstances other children may conditionally qualify. In these cases, SSIS must consult the Suzhou Education Bureau.

Grade Level Placement

At SSIS we are proud to provide an individualized learning approach in our classrooms. This means that we do not teach at the class level but make every attempt to teach to the individual student. Because of this it is our policy to admit and place students after considering their age, current grade level, the outcome of our placement assessment and emotional maturity of the student. We also take into account the student’s country of origin and current educational system.

Please see our Grade Level Placement Guideline for additional information.

Grade level placement guide

Placement Assessment

All students applying to SSIS are required to attend a placement assessment. There is no need to overly prepare for the assessment, it is simply to get a baseline of the student’s English language level, and an idea of them as an individual. Please note that results of the placement assessment are purely confidential and will not be released for any reason.
We hold placement assessments each week on Tuesday mornings throughout the school year. It is our recommendation to attend the placement assessment once the family arrives in Suzhou.

Once our Admissions team receives the completed application documents and the non-refundable application fee, someone from our team will confirm the next available date for the placement assessment. Please email if you are unsure if your placement assessment date has been confirmed.

Upon completion of the Placement Assessment the Admissions Office will contact you within 3 working days via email to confirm the offer of placement and an orientation date.

Please see our Placement Assessment Guide for additional information specific to grade levels.

Placement Assessment Guide