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Admissions Criteria

Our school follows and abides by the Chinese National Education Commission’s guidelines when admitting students to our school:

  • The student must hold a foreign passport and valid residency permit

  • The student must reside in China with at least one parent or guardian
  • At least one parent must hold a foreign passport and a valid residency permit in China.
  • Students are allowed to study under guardianship placements. The guardian must hold a foreign passport and a valid residency permit in China. The guardian must submit to SSIS authorization from the student’s parents.
  • Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan passport holders are considered foreign passports and one of the parents must hold permanent residency in these areas.
  • SSIS is not able to apply for a student visa for any students. For students already enrolled at SSIS who are aged 18 + residing with parents in Suzhou area, SSIS is able to apply to the Suzhou Education Bureau for a Letter of Confirmation which the student can use when applying for an “X2” visa.
  • Under certain circumstances other children may conditionally qualify. In these cases, SSIS must consult the Suzhou Education Bureau.

Grade Level Placement

At SSIS we are proud to provide an individualized learning approach in our classrooms. We admit and place students after considering their age, current grade level, the outcome of our family interview among other factors. We believe that it is in the student’s best interest to be at an age-appropriate group so that they grow up with their peers going through similar emotional, psychological and physical change. Please refer to our Grade Level Placement Guideline for additional information.

Grade level placement guide 2023-2024

Grade level placement guide 2024-2025

Family Interview

Once a placement can be offered to the child, a date of family  interview with the Principals will be scheduled. The family interview is usually held on a Tuesday closer to the student’s start date, where we can learn more about the child and identify any further support the student might need. 

On Family Interview day, all students will have a private interview with the divisional Principal. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have regarding your new school. Result of the family interview is used to assist us in placing your child in appropriate classes, ensuring a diverse mix of students and language levels for each class. 

Family interview is a weekly arrangement for our incoming families throughout the school year.  

  • If you are from overseas, please keep admissions office updated as soon as your travel plan is set in order for us to schedule a family interview after your family arrived in China and complete the necessary quarantine, which is closer to your start date.   
  • If you are in China now, please contact admissions office regarding your anticipated start date so we can arrange a family interview for your family accordingly. With the Covid-19 control measures still in place, all visitors are required to show the green travel path without asterisk areas and the green health code before entering into the campus. 

Please email if you have any questions or problems with your family interview arrangement.