2020-2021 12TH ISSUE (29 MARCH) 

SSIS Students Connect with Colleges on CIS University Exploration Day
Emily Williams, College Counsellor

Friday’s virtual college fair provided an excellent platform for students to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and connect individually with dozens of universities from all over the world. The College Counselling Team strives to continue providing students opportunities to connect meaningfully with universities, and we look forward to supporting SSIS students’ participation in another college fair, whether in-person or virtual, next year! 

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Donita Bell, Pre-Kindergarten Co-ordinator

This week the Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) classes became the storytellers while their families became the audience in our Pre-K storytellers culminating activity for our Unit of Inquiry –‘How We Express Ourselves’.

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Zeb Johnson, Elementary Principal

It’s always nice to have parents join us on campus and to be able to observe first-hand how we work together in support of Elementary children. However, after a year of reduced parent events and parent visits it was especially heart-warming to hold Parent-Teacher Conferences this past week and see the community buzzing with activity again.

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Carmela T. Fiscarelli, Elementary Counsellor

Carmelita is our Elementary Counsellor at SSIS, she mainly works on supporting social-emotional learning, both through general programmes (such as messy play) and individual and group counselling sessions. From November, she has been running six group activities, targeting critical social-emotional skills and healthy friendship.

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Scott Turner, Athletics Director

The day commenced with a staff relay race before the students got involved in a wide range of track and field events.  Students earned points for their homeroom every time they competed in an event. Points were reordered throughout the day and winners will be announced at assemblies after the April holiday with a prize for the winning homerooms.

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Mark Kelly, MYP PHE Teacher

This year marks the 5th year of Grade 9 Cheerleading and our 3rd year of performing for the parent audience.  Cheerleading is a great unit which encourages the teams of 6 to collaborate and develop good practice and planning methods to allow them to choreograph the “aesthetically pleasing” performances that we saw on Monday afternoon. 

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Scott Turner, Athletics Director

With ongoing covid restrictions meaning our Junior secondary Badminton and Volleyball players could not participate in the normal of season tournaments, the SSIS players game together with the Senior Secondary students for two great events over the past weeks.

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Simon Greaves, CAS/Service-learning Coordinator

The SSIS Service committee is comprised of parents, students, teachers and leadership who meet monthly to discuss service group applications, improving our contribution to the local community and how we can best support the wonderful service groups we have in both elementary and secondary.

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