2019-2020 17TH ISSUE (20 JANUARY 2020)

Best wishes for the New Year

Happy New Year! Be safe wherever you are going and we look forward to seeing students return on February 5.

What does SSIS look for when hiring teachers?
Richard Bruford, Head of School

Maintaining highly qualified and experienced teachers is one of the challenges of international schools around the world. With an increasing number of international schools requiring expatriate teachers, especially those fluent in English, competition to recruit the best teachers possible has intensified. Over the past two months our Elementary and Secondary School leadership teams have been working hard interviewing teachers for positions commencing August, 2020.

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2020 Summer Programme
Erica Wu, Marketing Senior Executive

Would you like to give your child a special summer experience?

Are you looking for summer activities, but are not sure where to start?

The SSIS Summer Programme is available for kids and teens, offering a rich variety of fun learning options.



Catherine Nicol, Elementary Principal

Last week we were treated to a wonderful Elementary School Production called “Quest.” A lively mix of acting, singing and dancing, the students showed confidence and pizazz as they told the story of two young boys on a quest to save the characters of our much loved fairy tales. “Quest” takes traditional tales and puts a modern and witty twist on them that appeals to all ages. 

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David McMahon, Head of Design

Design is delivered in a variety of formats for the different levels of MYP. In Grade 6, students undertake ‘Integrated Design’. Over the course of the year, students participate in units that cover digital, product - material, product - food and graphic design.

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Head of School

As this is still in the flu season and there have been reports of an outbreak of Coronavirus, SSIS will continue with thorough floor and object surface disinfection every day and during the Chinese New Year holiday.

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Ewen Bailey, Director of Professional Learning and Development

The topic was Using the Science of Learning to Inform the Art of Teaching. Participants chose to use their weekend to learn about a model of how students learn from the field of cognitive psychology.

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