2018-2019 25TH ISSUE (25 MARCH 2019)





Lucy Burden, Secondary School Principal

This week I have thoroughly enjoyed hanging out in Mathematics!

I learned some great information in Ms. Peterson's engaging Grade 6 class about Geometry and was reminded of my own school days. This unit is called Measurement and students study area, perimeter and volume.

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Katie Wellbrook, MYP Coordinator

There are always a lot of things to consider when choosing languages for your students (what the language of instruction is, which language they speak at home, what country they might study in for further education etc.), so always feel free to ask for advice or guidance if needed.

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Kinneri Shah, Grade 1 PYP Teacher

On Thursday, March 28th from 9.30- 10.30 all of SSIS is invited to participate in EARTH HOUR. SSIS Earth Hour is a project initiated by the K4E student leaders to promote awareness towards being a more environmentally conscious community.

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