2019-2020 17TH ISSUE (20 JANUARY 2020)

What does SSIS look for when hiring teachers?
Richard Bruford, Head of School

Maintaining highly qualified and experienced teachers is one of the challenges of international schools around the world. With an increasing number of international schools requiring expatriate teachers, especially those fluent in English, competition to recruit the best teachers possible has intensified. Over the past two months our Elementary and Secondary School leadership teams have been working hard interviewing teachers for positions commencing August, 2020.

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Katie Wellbrook, Secondary Assistant Principal - Academic

One of our core values at SSIS is Personal Rigour which we define as a commitment to lifelong learning in striving to be the best version of ourselves. Students at SSIS exemplify Personal Rigour in many ways through sporting achievements, successful service projects and creative performances throughout the school year.

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Scott Turner, Athletics Director

During this time of remote learning, I encourage all families to find time to exercise in whatever form you can. An easy way to get this started in your home is to take on the “Push Up” or “Sit Up” challenge.

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