2018-2019 1ST ISSUE (15 AUGUST 2018)

Message from Head of School
Richard Bruford, Head of School

It is my great pleasure to welcome students and their families, both new and returning, in commencing the 2018-19 academic year at SSIS.

Now in my 8th year at SSIS, I continue to thoroughly enjoy the vibrancy of the school community that is so positive and committed to supporting the school grow and improve.

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We're Still SSIS!
Rebecca Lau, Director of Marketing & Admissions

Many of our families have noticed some branding changes that have taken place over the summer both on our campus and on our website. We are excited to announce we have been working to modernize the look and feel of our school through many different ways. One of these ways is emphasizing the SSIS acronym instead of the full name of our school. These changes have been carefully implemented to clear up confusion we often hear about having Singapore in our name.

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Carmen Murray, Early Years PYP Coordinator

On Tuesday 14th August 2018 SSIS will open their doors once again for another school year. For it's caring teachers, those doors have been opened already for over a week. They have been in rooms, moving furniture around, unpacking resources, creating learning environments that are child centred, child friendly and value everything about Early Years Education.  

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Catherine Nicol, Elementary Principal

Although it is always lovely to enjoy a summer with family and friends, I am very glad to be home in Suzhou and contemplating another year at SSIS. This is my third year as Principal here and I feel very privileged to be working with such a capable staff, inquisitive and enthusiastic students, and supportive parents.

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Lucy Burden, Secondary School Principal

Welcome back everyone! I am so excited to be taking on the role of Secondary School Principal after 4 years as Assistant Principal- Pastoral. This is my 6th year at SSIS and I came here as a Learning Support Teacher and Head of Grade 8, but I have also worked at both government and private schools in Australia as an English, Drama and Humanities teacher. SSIS is the first international school that I have worked at and I absolutely love it.

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Rebecca Lau, Director of Marketing & Admissions

Welcome to the new school year at SSIS we are looking forward to another year of learning and growing together. In order to ensure you don't miss out an any important announcements or celebratory news please make sure you have access to all of our SSIS platforms including PowerSchool, DragonNet and your child's grade level WeChat group.

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