2018-2019 19TH ISSUE (28 January 2019)

Why the world needs IB schools
Richard Bruford, Head of School

As the International Baccalaureate (IB) celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, a number of articles were written over the past 12 months regarding the significance of IB programmes. Since its inception, the mission of the IB has largely stayed the same, yet has perhaps become increasingly relevant for all of us.

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Maryanna McMahon, Grade 4 Coordinator

The Grade 4 students invited parents to share in their learning this week. As part of the 'Where we are in place and time' Unit of Inquiry, parents came to view student presentations about cultural heritage. The central idea for the unit was 'Preserving our cultural heritage provides ways of appreciating and taking shared responsibilities as part of society'.

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Ewen Bailey, Director of Professional Learning and Development

Every year, SSIS selects a strategic theme for professional development and this year it is 'Inclusion and Community'. Last weekend, Lucy Burden, Katie Wellbrook and Annalise Stephens were joined by educational consultant, Greg O'Connor, in delivering a prestigious EARCOS Weekend Workshop to teachers from SSIS and other schools from around China and Taiwan.

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