2020-2021 12TH ISSUE (29 MARCH) 

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Donita Bell, Pre-Kindergarten Co-ordinator

This week the Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) classes became the storytellers while their families became the audience in our Pre-K storytellers culminating activity for our Unit of Inquiry –‘How We Express Ourselves’.

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Zeb Johnson, Elementary Principal

It’s always nice to have parents join us on campus and to be able to observe first-hand how we work together in support of Elementary children. However, after a year of reduced parent events and parent visits it was especially heart-warming to hold Parent-Teacher Conferences this past week and see the community buzzing with activity again.

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Carmela T. Fiscarelli, Elementary Counsellor

Carmelita is our Elementary Counsellor at SSIS, she mainly works on supporting social-emotional learning, both through general programmes (such as messy play) and individual and group counselling sessions. From November, she has been running six group activities, targeting critical social-emotional skills and healthy friendship.

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