2020-2021 3RD ISSUE (28 SEPTEMBER) 

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Annalise Stephens, Social Emotional Counsellor

We were excited to meet with parents on Wednesday for our Secondary School Social Emotional Counsellors' presentation. It was great to see so many parents back on campus, and we had some excellent discussions about wellbeing and the role of the counsellors in the School.

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Jesse Donnelly, MYP Coordinator

What does Academic honesty mean? Academic dishonesty involves any attempt to gain academic advantage by doing something misleading or unfair ( University of Sydney). At SSIS, students are regularly informed about how to be academically honest, and also the consequences of misleading or unfair behaviour.  

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Will Paananen, Assistant Principal-Pastoral (Secondary)

These meetings are a great way for parents to get to meet the Head of Grade and to get a sense of what the year will bring for their students. Heads of Grade introduced themselves and key SSIS personnel along with their roles in relation to each grade level. They also discussed logistical issues like attendance procedures, dress code and checking grades.  

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Jennifer Waite, Secondary Music Teacher

SSIS secondary production has started the year with Auditions for the Addams Family, and we have some very talented students here at SSIS. We have started rehearsals with a cast of almost 50 students all excited to learn all the songs and the dances.

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Elizabeth Watson, College Counselling Coordinator

This year we have a graduating cohort of 88 students. Of these, 50 students have currently received a total of 157 offers from universities across 9 different countries. The remaining students are still in the process of applying to, or waiting to hear from, universities in Korea, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

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