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News and Events

Fire Truck, Fire Truck! I want to ride on a Fire Truck.

In preparation for our fire Drill a couple of weeks ago, the ELC children have been inquiring into fire trucks, fire fighters and fire safety. Through roleplay, stories, songs, puzzles and action vehicles, the children have immersed themselves in finding out more.

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American Mathematics Competition

The AMC (American Mathematics Competition) events are a series of competitions that are held annually across the world. It is a great opportunity to challenge those who are mathematically minded in our student community and for them to experience Mathematics outside the curriculum in a different context.

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Active for Action

The annual “Active for Action” event brings our school community together to have a fun run/walk and raise funds for various student service groups in both Elementary and Secondary divisions.

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Elementary Talent Show

We are so proud of everyone who was a risktaker and auditioned and especially those who made it to the final performances. It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of the whole school, but they all shone and showed the best of themselves.  

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Sankt Martin's Day Lantern Parade

The yearly Lantern Parade on Sankt Martin's Day, the 11th of November, is an old German tradition, maintained and cherished among students, parents and staff of the German Department at SSIS.

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Serve the Communities

Our school service groups are all doing amazing work! From visiting retirement homes and migrant schools, to local gardening and in-school well-being projects, students used their talents, dedicated their hearts and efforts to serve the communities – both local and international. We thank all communities for their continued support for all our groups.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) is a great way for teachers and parents to communicate with each other. It provides an opportunity for teachers to identify and highlight to parents their child’s progress, areas of strength and growth. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and offer suggestions and work together with the school to best support their child’s learning and grow at SSIS.

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A New Mural on Display at SSIS

A new mural is now on display in SSIS building. Painted by two SSIS Grade 12 students Soon Young and Yuya, the mural is a unique piece of public art that showcases the spirit and student body of SSIS that are diverse, peaceful, and beautiful.

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Culture festival event - Happy Hangeul Day

Hangeul Day is a Korean event to celebrate the day when the Korean alphabet was created. The Korean community at SSIS has celebrated Hangeul day since 2014. It is one of the important cultural events in school to celebrate language and culture.

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MAP Growth Testing at SSIS

SSIS students in grades 2-10 are currently completing the MAP, or Measure of Academic Progress, assessment in both reading and mathematics. This assessment is an adaptive test, which means that students are given different questions based on their answers to determine each student's individual learning progress and goals.

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The New Season of Extra Curricular Program

From creative to academic to athletic pursuits, the variety of opportunities allows our students to explore interests, challenge themselves and learn new skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

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New Parents Meet & Greet

The 2022 “Welcome New Parents” morning tea was again held successfully by our fabulous PSP (Parent School Partnership) group. Parents who are new to SSIS community were warmly welcomed and joined the group in learning more about our school and life in Suzhou.

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SSIS Open House - A way to learn more

Participating in Open Houses is the best way to learn more about SSIS!

At SSIS, we believe in constructing positive relationships throughout the school, built on communication and collaboration, with the singular goal of supporting children.  

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SSIS host Higher Education Nights

The university application journey can be a daunting experience for families, especially the first time it is navigated. Yet, what we’ve seen time and again from our many cohorts of graduates is that with the right support and guidance, our students don’t just succeed, but excel on this journey.

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