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As a community, we find special moments to celebrate the growth of our children and motivate them to continue to work hard, dream big, and learn more about themselves. For Grade 5 and Grade 10 students, it is the time to celebrate reaching an important milestone in their learning journey.

  • Grade 5 Moving Up Ceremony

This week G5 students marked the end of their time in elementary school with their Moving Up Ceremony.  

As their final unit of inquiry is focused around transition and reflecting upon themselves as learners, the ceremony was an opportunity to bring that thinking together.  

Each G5 class selected two students to be their valedictorian speakers and be part of the organising committee.  These students met regularly with Mr Alksne, the G5 Learning Leader, to organise the ceremony, from ordering flowers and the morning tea, to planning the media centre space and developing their scripts for the day.  

The students worked with their classes to prepare short films and organise performers, as well as organise work to share in the media centre. It was very impressive seeing the level of organisation and self-management from these students and the show ran like clockwork!

So, are the students ready for G6?

“They have completed their years at elementary, building the foundations for future learning. They have shown resilience and independence in the shift to online learning, and showcased many PYP skills and attitudes during the Exhibition.  They have spent time in secondary and met with students and teachers to find out what to expect.  They are a group of motivated and talented students, dreaming of being doctors, actors, innovators, Youtubers and artists.  Yes, they are ready!  And we wish them every success in the next steps on their learning journeys. “-Ms. Katriona Hoskins, PYP Coordinator

“The Moving Up Ceremony is simply one moment in time that helps us to come together, recognize the successes of our students, and help them to prepare for the future ahead. I'm proud of the perseverance, creativity, and leadership our students have demonstrated this year." –Mr. Zeb Johnson, Elementary Principal

  • Grade 10 MYP Celebration

This Wednesday, following a Bridging Day where the students have learned about some of the expectations of Grade 11, we celebrated the Grade 10 Students completing their Middle Years journey. Students did a variety of activities to celebrate finishing the MYP. They participated in team-building activities and bowling, and reflected on their learning journey. They had a chance to look back on what their time in the Middle Years means to them, in what areas they have developed, and they reflected on what areas they could develop in their future learning.

They then moved on to the theater for a Celebration Ceremony, and finally enjoy refreshments with parents and teachers. Each student received their certificates to recognize the completion of the Middle Years Program.

“These students have experienced many challenges since starting this journey in Grade 6. They have shown themselves to be resilient, life-long learners and have developed the skills that will enable them to be successful in whatever direction their life takes them. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.”-Mr. Peter Coats, MYP coordinator

“It was a wonderful ceremony that celebrated all that our Grade 10 students have achieved during the middle years program and especially during this challenging year. It was great to see them looking so smart and that there were so many smiling and laughing faces. With parents able to attend and share in the experience as well as see their personal project work. The atmosphere was electric.” –Ms. Lucy Burden, Secondary Principal.

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