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It is with greatest enthusiasm and pleasure that I share with you the IB and university results for this academic year 2021/ 2022. This is an important moment to celebrate the successes of our 67 graduates and their families.  

The results speak for themselves, as they are simply outstanding. A huge congratulations first and foremost to our students, and a big thank you and congratulations to our teachers and, of course, our parents. 

I have always made it a priority to focus our energy on making sure that our students reach their first-choice university. It must be one of our goals to make sure that we prepare our students and help them to open the door for their next step in life. While the IB and high school diplomas are just one of the means to get there, I will spend a couple of lines sharing our pride in our students' results.  This year over 40% of SSIS students received over 40 points, which is simply amazing. Two of our students received a full 45 points which puts them in the top 10% of students around the world.  Our overall average is above 37.7 which I am sure will be at least 4 or 5 points above the world average.

I share our pride in the numbers, as this is the expectation, however, the proof of our success, and therefore our pride and joy, is in the number of university offers and acceptances our graduating class has received this year. While we are still waiting to hear from some universities in Korea later this month, as of today, our students have received 96 offers from 73 universities across 10 countries.

We are proud of our students and graduates, not only because of their outstanding IB Diploma results and their success in getting accepted to their choice of university, but most importantly because of the kind of people they are. We are proud that you have been part of our school and will always be a part of SSIS.