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This year, the Elementary Production began in September, with a group of children who created the storyline for the show ‘Now We Know’. This wonderful show was then joined by over 100 stage actors plus a backstage crew and a live band.

The children were working hard, embracing their characters and learning their acting parts, when lockdown occurred and remote learning began. The continuation of this, led to the show being rewritten into a storytelling version, with a digital show in mind. The new dances were recorded and placed on a Padlet and the children began rehearsing at home.

Upon return to school, the children had 3 weeks to put together the new version of the show. They have shown dedication and commitment and they should be so proud of what they have managed to achieve, embracing all the changes and a very short timeframe.

A special thanks to Kit Murray, Rudine Radyn, Kevin McQuillan & Susana Lima for playing a massive role in finally getting this show onto the stage.

But the show must go on! And that is exactly what the Elementary Production did! Here’s to a standing ovation for all involved.


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