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"Kids shine in many different ways, and one of our goals as a learning community is to always give kids as many opportunities to shine as possible. "
Our elementary students displayed their many talents on a newly launched virtual performance challenge on Padlet. There are 3 different competitions including SSIS
Community Read Alouds, Elementary Fitness Challenge, and Elementary Virtual Talent Show.
Many students accepted one, two, or three of the challenges, and uploaded their amazing performances online.

We had many amazing entries. In the Read Alouds competition: children read a favorite book extract with fluency, expression, and enjoyment. In the Fitness Challenge, students are encouraged to do some sports skills or others like running, cycling, or walking a certain distance to promote a sense of healthy community. And the Virtual Talent Show allowed our students to showcase their singing, dancing, and instrumental talents.



Mr. Zeb Johnson, the Elementary Principal shared "My idea of using Padlet outside of our "classroom" learning was to continue to celebrate and use the strong community we have at SSIS in a way that could be seen by everyone. The submissions blew me away!  I always knew that we had talented readers, active athletes, and dedicated performers, but the variety of videos warmed my heart and made me even prouder of our Elementary students."

We were pleased and proud of every entry: standards were very high and reflect so well on the children and the support that they are getting from home. 

Thank you to everyone who participated, your performances were fantastically well and really delighted us!

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