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In preparation for our fire Drill a couple of weeks ago, the ELC children have been inquiring into fire trucks, fire fighters and fire safety. Through roleplay, stories, songs, puzzles and action vehicles, the children have immersed themselves in finding out more.

 Our role as teachers is to facilitate this learning, taking what we see and hear and bringing opportunities for the children to discover more, dig deeper and construct further knowledge. In response to this interest, we organised for the Fire Department to come and visit us at SSIS.

The children were so excited to see a ‘real’ fire truck. They listened intently as the fire fighters explained what each piece of equipment was and what they use it for. Following this, the children were able to touch and test the tools and equipment. The fire fighter jackets and hats were a popular choice with many children trying them on for size.

The children even got to sit inside the fire truck! With big smiles, they waved to us from inside the vehicle. But that is not all. It wouldn’t be a real fire experience without getting to see and hold the fire hose. As the fire hose filled with water and sprayed out onto the grass, the children clapped and cheered. Some children even had the opportunity to help spray the water hose.

The children enjoyed meeting the fire fighters that came to visit and loved getting to have a turn in the fire truck. Fire Truck, Fire Truck, I got to ride on a Fire Truck!

  • Early Years