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The topic for our last unit of inquiry was “Where we are in time and place” – a perfect opportunity for students to dive into the past and consider how much our lives changed, even in the last 100 years!

To truly understand how different life was 100 years ago, GD 1/2 students decided to research a topic close to their hearts – school. They read many stories about schooling in ‘old times’, looked at pictures from the past and watched some interesting documentaries about student lives from the past. They also conducted interviews with their parents and grandparents to find out if school was always like it is today, or did it change? The more they were researching and finding out, the more the appreciation for their school experience grew J.

After all the research, it was time to put theory into practice. GD 1/2 students decided to reenact ‘class from the past’. They all took it very seriously and played their parts perfectly. Students dressed up to look like students from the past, girls wearing dresses, their hair neat and in plaits, boys in collared shirts, suspenders and old-fashioned caps. They sat in straight rows, nobody was talking and there was a strict check if all hands were clean. Students with dirty hands received an appropriate punishment – the cane. The same punishment applied to students whispering to their neighbour or to students with bad hand writing. Latecomers knelt on a piece of wood until their knees hurt. Students giving wrong answers were shamed publicly and wore a ‘donkey hat’, while standing in the corner (all punishment was pretend).

All in all – it was great fun! Many class discussions about the changes in learning experiences for students followed and, after a class survey, the outcome was 100% support for present day teaching and learning methods.







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