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It has been with much pleasure that we invited our smallest learners at SSIS back for sessions of what we do best – PLAY.

We had our ELC, our Pre-K and our KG children visit campus this week to take part in a much loved, full of fun and re-connecting with our friends, time. 

It was heart-warming to see our engineers block building again, our mathematicians problem solving and helping others, our kids that enjoy sensory experiences dive into our sand kitchen and our chefs taking over the BBQ and kitchen area. 

I also observed our teachers showing excitement in what their students were showing them they can do and taking observational roles and listening carefully to the children in their play. We observed road tracks taking on far more complex structures than we have ever seen before.

Families, you have done an outstanding job at online learning at home with your child.  You have been superb partners with SSIS in creating the learning environment where your child can thrive during the 3 months of remote learning. 

The Play mornings ticked my box in that it stirred up our anticipating excitement to be back at school.  

We can’t wait to have our Early Years Learners back at school, filling our hall ways with laughter and chatter and hearing all about their stories and thinking.