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During the time of remote learning, every teacher at SSIS has been working tirelessly and overtime to ensure classes are well organized and conducted successfully. A busy schedule for our teachers already, but they did not stop learning themselves at the same time.

Our teachers have participated in a myriad of professional development opportunities during this school year, embracing new innovations, technologies and practices that can improve student outcomes.

Ms. Elizabeth, the Director of Professional Learning, shared, “This year a cohort of 15 teachers have requested to participate in a course of study through Harvard University on differentiation. We continue our partnership with our literacy and mathematics consultants who will be working throughout the year with teachers as they implement our new maths and literacy programs. We look forward to continuing our work with Dr. Ochan Powell as we focus on how to meet the needs of all learners in a diverse classroom environment.”

In addition to the school-wide learning opportunities, over 100 of our teachers attended workshops, conferences, or took graduate level courses, including WIDA institute, MAP assessment, International Higher Education Admission and Guidance, Teaching Assistants PD …to name a few!


  • Ms. Jo, English teacher

“This year I have not only been serving on our SSIS PD committee but also did some good learning myself. Together with fifteen colleagues from different departments of SSIS. I have embarked on a four months' journey offered by Harvard's Differentiated Instruction Made Practical course. We worked in cross-divisional teams developing our understanding of the concept of differentiation, differentiation tools and practice as well as teacher skills needed to deliver subject content in a most rigorous and effective way to a variety of student audiences. 

Currently, I am involved in WIDA training for EAL practitioners and examiners - a course offered by University of Wisconsin- Madison, USA. The Student Services Department is expanding our knowledge about WIDA language proficiency assessment tools, the standards and practices and up-to date language learning support platforms. The course will last for 6 weeks and gives a great opportunity for students and teachers to plan language learning and provide language assessment coherence across the school division.”

  • Mr. Cliff, Math teacher 

" I've done a couple of other PD's at school but probably most significant to me has been online IBO DP Mathematics Curriculum Review.

This academic year I got accepted to join some 150 other teachers as part of the initial stages of the DP Mathematics Curriculum Review.  It’s been fascinating interacting and discussing issues of Mathematics education with teachers around the world and considering long-term plans. The breadth and depth of the issues looked at, and considering how many years ahead people are looking was and continues to be very eye-opening to me.  ”


  • Ms. Anika, Chinese teacher

“I’ve completed Harvard's Differentiated Instruction Made Practical. Differentiated instructions made practical refreshed my understanding of differentiation and I enjoyed the learning journey with my colleagues through weekly readings, try-outs, and regular sharing moments.”

Providing teachers with robust and comprehensive professional development opportunities is a crucial part of nurturing an educational environment that focuses on excellence. It has been so exciting to see the enthusiasm and dedication of our teachers, who are committed themselves to learning. The great teachers never stop learning!