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IB Exam Changes for May 2022

Ever since the start of our remote learning, our Secondary Leadership Team has been consistently monitoring the situation for our graduating class of 2022, working closely with our teachers and counsellors to ensure the teaching and learning, exam preparations are always on track, and that students’ wellbeing is well considered and fully supported during this challenging time.

On April 12, IB released the latest confirmation about canceling the exam in East China due to the ongoing pandemic situation. This unexpected news didn’t surprise us, as our Secondary Leadership Team had started conversations of the possible non-exam route for IB Exams weeks ago given the current covid situations in Suzhou and cities nearby.

For non-exam route, Diplomas and grades will be awarded on the basis of coursework (Internal Assessments or IAs) completed over the course of grades 11 and 12 and predicted grades.  Historical school and subject data will also play a role in awarding grades. As SSIS has a long history of strong results and accurate predicted grades, the Class of 2022 should expect excellent results as usual.

Our secondary team has made a comprehensive plan for teaching, exam preparation, graduation, and student wellbeings, according to the current non-exam route requirements.

  • Laurence Mueller, Diploma Coordinator

“SSIS grade 11 and 12 teachers have worked closely with students over the past two years in order to make sure students are fully supported in completing the coursework that will now form an important part of the final grade. The Class of 2022 should be commended for the resilience they have shown during the past two months of uncertainty and they should be proud of their academic accomplishments over the past two years.”


  • Elizabeth Waston, College Counselling Coordinator

“Throughout these past few months of remote learning, college counsellors have continued supporting students, providing advice and guidance as they make decisions about their future. As the pandemic has disrupted students' learning around the world for the past two years, universities have recognized this and continue to be flexible in their admission policies. We know that students feel both relieved and a little anxious with the exams being canceled, but are confident that the hard work they've put in over the course of the diploma program will enable them to achieve their post-secondary goals.”


  • Will Paananen, Secondary Assistant Principal-Pastoral

During online learning we supported students by reaching out with targeted support for academic, social emotional and technical concerns. We continued and expanded on our dedicated Wellbeing and Guided Studies time and we made a special point of having our Homeroom teachers take time to connect with each of their students. 

While the transition to a non-exam route was disappointing for our Grade 12 students who had prepared so well for the exam, we know that we are moving from strength to strength in that our students have already displayed incredible learning through their coursework, assessments and exhibitions. That work, in addition to the stellar record of SSIS in previous years, will contribute to our students continued success and recognition from IB for the high level of their learning and the wide scope of their achievements. We are confident that if exams had been held, our students would have done well. And we are even more confident that their work will be recognized this year and in the future. Our goal is not just to prepare students for the IB exam, but to prepare them for success in the next stages of their lives. We are confident that this class will go out and change the world. 

  • Ms. Lucy Burden, Secondary Principal

“I am extremely proud of the way the Class of 2022 has navigated the challenging waters we have faced over the last few months. Whilst the IB decision to cancel the IBDP exams has reduced some of the uncertainty for our Grade 12 students, there will still be a feeling of anxiety and of unfinished business. When we come to the end of important stages of our lives, like the end of our school life, it is expected and necessary that there will be a rite of passage to the next stage and that there will be significant celebrations to mark this. For this reason, we will work hard on the ways we can have these important celebrations, like the Leaver’s Assembly and the Graduation,  even if we can’t do them in person in the traditional way.

Even though it has been a very challenging time, I am confident that the important lessons learned as a result of these experiences will stand our Class of 2022 in good stead for the future and will help them to know and understand what is really important in life.”

SSIS will continue to support everyone during their learning journey, and we wish great success to our class of 2022!

  • Secondary School