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Wednesday 23rd March was World Math Day. Indeed, March is a celebration of mathematics with secondary students celebrating Pi day on 14th March too. These events allow the SSIS community to shine its light on mathematics learning and to take part in engaging activities to motivate our students in a subject that can often be a struggle for some.

In elementary school on 23rd, there were lots of math related activities in our remote learning, but the main focus of the day was participating in the Mathletics World Math Day competition.

World Maths Day is an international celebration of mathematics. Students will complete live online challenges while having fun in activities that explore the wonder of numbers. During the competition, students logged into the website "Mathletics" and take part in 20 one-minute challenges with students from either their class, their school, or anywhere in the world. These are quick math questions at varying levels of difficulty. The goal is to get as many questions correct as you can within one minute, each correct answer from those 20 games earned them points that go towards the school total.

This is where millions of students around the world compete against each other in levelled 60-second math challenges.  Despite some technical challenges, lots of students from G1 to G8 were able to take part and we had some amazing results!

  • In G3 and G4 SSIS placed second in China,
  • while G1 and G6 SSIS were the top scoring school in China and within the top 100 of the world!

We also had some amazing individual performances. In each grade we had students in the top 10 highest scoring students in China.

  • In G3, SSIS students were the top three students in China!  Amazing!

It was great to see students so motivated and excited by mathematics. We are already looking forward to next year's event!

  • Elementary School
  • Secondary School