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At SSIS, we do our best to provide busing to new and existing places of residence, making it convenient for students to come to school from Suzhou or from cities nearby.

  • New Bus Route in Wuxi

We are very excited to announce a NEW bus route in Wuxi (Jingkai) area. This new bus route, which will be the second line in Wuxi area, will start operating in the new school year from September 2022.

With careful consideration to the allocation of transportation resources for students, the SSIS School Bus will pick up and/or drop-off a student at their resident address or the nearest bus stop. Please check the detailed bus route information below.

  • Li De Road (立德路)- Xin Yuan Road (新园路)- Li Xin Road (立信大道)- Ju Qu Road (具区路)- Hua Yi Road (华谊路)- Hui Hu Road(慧湖路) -  Jing Hui West Road(净慧西路)- Hui Hu Road(慧湖路) -  Ling Hu Road(菱湖大道)- Suzhou(苏州)

Passing Compounds:

  1. Fu Li No. 10(富力十号)


  2. Lvcheng Yulan Garden(绿城玉兰花园)


  3. Feng Qi He Ming(绿城风起和鸣)


  4. Yan Lan Shan(龙湖滟澜山)
  5. Yan Lan Xiang Song(龙湖滟澜香颂)


  6. Yunlin Life Apartment(无锡耘林生命公寓)
  7. Yu Qin Hu Pan Ting(裕沁湖畔庭)
  8. Tian Jiao Guan Di(天骄官邸)


  • Existing Bus Route in Wuxi, Changshu & Kunshan

For students who live in Wuxi, Changshu and Kunshan, there are 3 daily bus routes available. Please check the route information below.

Wuxi: Tian Yuan Shi Jia (天元世家)-  Chang Jiang Int'l Garden Ya Yuan(长江国际雅园)-  Wan Ke Dong Jun(万科东郡)

Changshu: UWC (世界联合书院)-  Nan Du Jing Yuan(南都璟园)

Kunshan: Zhong Xing Cheng Ji Guang Chang(中星城际广场)- Tan Xiang Yuan(檀香园)- Tai Yang Cheng Hu Yi(太阳城湖邑——太阳形成花园西公交站)

  • Bookings 

If you are interested in taking the NEW Wuxi Bus or Existing Changshu/Kunshan Bus or have any questions regarding the new route, please contact our Bus Coordinator, Samill Zhang at