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The Early Years Program for our smallest SSIS learners, whilst different from the programs of other age groups, consists of various child-led activities of interaction, hands-on exploration, and all kinds of sensory and physical learning engagements. The sudden switch to online learning has been quite challenging for our Early Years students and families.

At SSIS, students are at the center of all our decision making and we understand the needs and aim to establish a similar daily routine for our little ones at home. Our Early Years leadership and faculty team have been working constantly to discuss and adjust teaching strategies and provide a diverse range of learning experiences for our children.

With the huge support from our parents, teachers were able to deliver live classes according to the daily routine, and to establish virtual connections with students, doing activities together, learning together, and motivating them to explore new things!

Our Early Years teachers planned ahead, and prepared Care Bags for all our early years students, that included loose parts, manipulatives and learning materials that children can access at home to strengthen subject areas like mathematics instruction. Our early year staff value the importance of their relationship we have with our students and reestablishing their connection and our families were invited to come and collect their child’s care bags and see their teacher again at our SSIS Gate.

Thank you parents for all your support during online learning!

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