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Suzhou West Museum

Grades 9/10 went on a visual Arts field trip on Friday November 25th and Grade 11/12 on Tuesday November 29th. They first visited the Suzhou West Museum. The museum is home to a variety of traditional crafts. The museum was well designed with creative displays of the art.

They also had a special exhibition of a group of artists exploring color. Some key artists being Christian Astor and Jean-Francois Larrie. Artists explored color, texture some that followed in the steps of Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky. Also, a wide variety of artwork looking at the genres of Impressionism, Expressionism and Abstract Modernism. These were some of the students favorite artworks.

Jinji Lake Museum

In the afternoon Grade 9/10 visited Jinji Lake Art Museum and looked at the special exhibition on at the moment which had paintings, sculpture and glass blown art.

Octave Gallery

Grade 11/12 also visited Octave Gallery at Yancheng Lake where they were viewed a special exhibition based on kid’s drawings and toys.


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