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Despite numerous postponements due to COVID-19 restrictions, the SSIS Bo’Ai Service Group persevered and finally made their long-planned visit to the Suzhou Bo’Ai school on Saturday, November 26. Located in SIP, the Bo’Ai school is a special needs school for children with disabilities, cerebral palsy, and mental disorders. Bo’Ai, a non-profit organization, provides both medical rehabilitation treatment and primary school education for its students.

On Saturday, SSIS students planned and played a series of fun and stimulating activities together with the children of Bo’Ai, including puzzles games, art works, and a treasure hunt!

The visit was a huge success! The Bo’Ai students and their adult supervisors thoroughly enjoyed mingling with SSIS students.

From colouring in butterflies to scavenging for toys, members of the SSIS Bo’Ai Service Group not only made precious memories with newfound friends, but also learned how fortunate they were.

Many of us don’t often realise how fortunate we are to be able to do the things we can do. The Bo’Ai students face challenges doing simple things we do without second thought. The visit concluded with a thrilling drumming performance from Bo’Ai school’s drumming band, highlighting the children’s growth and talents.

The Bo’Ai School’s motto is “Love Without Boundary”. The SSIS Bo’Ai Service Group gives these children the chance to socialize, to share SSIS’s unique international culture and most importantly, to spread love and joy to them.

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