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This week, the international "Hour of Code" came to SSIS and students are having a lot of fun with creative coding games and activities.

In the media center, several stations were set up for students to explore coding challenges. Students join the Sphero Indi station and learn about the basics of coding, use a block programming language to create their own dance party utilising variables and loops and dance to it, use Littlebits to learn about circuits and conditional statements, participate in an unplugged coding activity, code an EV3 robot to complete First Lego League challenges, etc.. 

Hour of Code is a global initiative to introduce the concepts of Computer Science and computational thinking. It is designed to break stereotypes and show that anybody can learn the basics of coding. This is a whole school event offered by the Learning Technology team and the Elementary School Library.

Apart from the activities in the media center, abundant online resources are also provided for students to be part of this celebration from their classrooms. All students are encouraged to join to solve coding challenges and explore how coding is connected to our lives.


  • Elementary School