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On Friday November 18th, the First Love service group hosted its first Teacher vs Students event with a volleyball night.

The event turned out to be a massive success with a full crowd filling up the Secondary gym. The crowd was able to enjoy a wonderful Friday evening filled with volleyball and snacks baked by the First Love Service Group. After four intense volleyball games, the students beat the teachers 3:1.

First Love is a service group that helps aboriginal kids in Boracay, through supporting the Masa Ati school based in Boracay, Philippines. The purpose of this event in addition to start our funding projects for this year was also to create a stronger bond between the students and the teachers and have fun.

First Love hopes to host many more Teachers vs Students events in the future such as a basketball night, Spelling Bee and a Math Trivia quiz competition. Massive thanks to everyone who attended the event and supported the players throughout the evening.

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