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Schools are normally social places and students benefit greatly from social learning. This requires the opportunity for learning and performances to be shared, observed, and continuously learned from. With the required move to Remote Learning, it becomes hard for students to observe each other's performances, so that is why we use digital tools such as Padlet to help showcase and celebrate student work.

Our Elementary Arts specialists have created some digital stages with Padlets to help promote student performances and learning. Students are encouraged to share their music, drama, and art performance on these virtual stages. These performances are all specific to the learning that is happening in these classes, in each grade level. This help to increase student engagement and it is important to celebrate students’ achievement and growth.

At SSIS, we are constantly exploring how technology can be used to leverage and maintain the wellbeing for children. The use of Padlet outside of our "classroom" learning was to continue to celebrate and use the strong community we have at SSIS in a way that could be seen by everyone.


  • Elementary School