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The Suzhou heritage service club hosted a trip for school staff and teachers to Tónglǐ gǔzhèn,an ancient, over 1000 year old city that holds a beautiful perspective to Suzhou’s long history. It is often given the name “Oriental Venice” because of its incorporation of ancient structures with many rivers.

Before beginning our visit, we first started off with some traditional Chinese lunch at the Tongli Lake Hotel then. Following the lunch, we visited a few of the many local landmarks, first we visited The Pearl Tower which dates back to a famous Chinese drama, Chongben tang a hall that faces Jiayin tang and connects the two through another famous historical landmark, the Changqing bridge, along with the bridge Gengle tang is another landmark we visited which is a traditional style structure whose build is an adaption of the Qing dynasty’s culture.

To explore what the naturistic features Tongli has to provide, we visited the Tuisi garden, another antique piece to Tongli if it were considered a museum which took around two years to build from 1885 to 1887 and its cultural impact to the world is seen as it was listed as one of the World Cultural Heritage Sites with UNESCO. Finally, to end this trip we took a boat ride across the famous rivers that surrounded this unique and historically valuable city. This trip allowed us to understand and explore Suzhou’s past and its origin as we don’t get to appreciate the effort and cultural influence this city has derived from.


  • Secondary School
  • Service Group