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Two SSIS students from Grade 8 Lintong and Angel had a special training experience during the past few months. They attended the training for the pentathlon in Suzhou Professional Sports Team Management Center during the lockdown period.

The lockdown has significantly impacted training programs and halted all competitions. Since both Lingtong and Angel had competitions coming up, they have never stopped training and found the best possible training environment in Suzhou to keep their fitness level. They trained in the pool every day for around 2 hours and ran twice per week with the pentathlon athletes.

For Lintong and Angel of a similar age, they ran, swam, and participated in laser shooting.

“Shooting was a new skill I learned in this training camp. The first time I did it, it was incredibly difficult, but as time went on I got better and better at it. The next barrier for me to overcome would be practical shooting, which after a ton of practice the of making 5 good shots per round continued to increase.”, shared by Lintong.

Angel is very passionate about running, and she said, “The training has been helping me develop a lot in running, which is something I’m pretty passionate about too. There were a lot of skills that I didn’t know previously and that I was able to learn further on.”

Life at the training center is not so easy. Due to pandemic restrictions, they weren’t allowed to leave the area for almost two months. “This meant that I could not hang out with my friends at school and talk to them in person, which made me feel somewhat left out. But staying here would definitely make me become more independent.”, said Angel.

Lintong and Angel are looking forward to attending the following competition in the pentathlon competition in Jiangsu and cross country next semester.

“I'm looking forward to the pentathlon competition next month, I wish training here could result in me getting a good time, and it would be even better if I was able to stand on the podium.”, said Lintong.









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