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The transition from Kindergarten to Grade 1 marks the beginning of a new, important stage for students. Transition promotes growth and development. But at the same time, it poses new challenges. Some children adapt quickly, and some may need more time and support.

On June 16, we ran a parent session "Helping Children Transition into a New School Environment".  Ms. Carmen Murray, Elementary Assistant Principal, and Ms. Carmela Fiscarelli, Elementary Counsellor gave a presentation about new grade level to expect and provided parents with an overview of the Counselling programs and services in place in our school to support both children and parents.

Our Transition Program involves opportunities for students to visit the Grade 1 and participate in classes, playground activities, messy play, and lunch date. Staff also conduct information sessions for parents to learn vital information about school readiness.

During the transition period, there are some feelings and emotions that transition brings about, and the challenges related to adapting to the new situation. Our Elementary counsellor provides individual and group support activities and works with the teachers as a team.

“Transition is all about moving from an old and familiar situation to a new and unfamiliar one. Even though this can make people nervous about the new challenges, transitions are fundamental to promote personal growth and development. That is why it’s so important to have a good preparation and make the process smooth and enjoyable. We want all our students and their parents to have a positive experience and make the most of the opportunities offered by this exciting time.” Shared by Ms. Carmela, Elementary Counsellor.

In the session, teachers, students, and parents from Grade 1 were also invited to share their expertise and experiences in the new grade level. This helped parents to learn more about the transition process in general and in detail, what the school organizes, and what they can do to help their children, the importance of the collaboration between the school and the families.


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