16 Service Groups Recruiting New Members at SSIS Service Expo

"Joining an IB school means learning to care about and engage with the world around us. In an effort to foster the growth of compassionate, active world citizens, our students engage in creativity, activity, and service projects."

A new school year is underway at SSIS and with the start of our ECP program comes the annual SSIS Service Expo on Wednesday, September 8th. This event gives our school service groups, in which there are 16 in total an opportunity to display to the student body and community what their purpose and mission are and look to actively recruit new students to their groups who are interested.

We have so many great service groups, offering a wide range of support for different organizations centered around service to people, animals and the environment.

  • Boai School
  • Dawn Project
  • First Love
  • Heart to Heart Shanghai
  • Junior Secondary Student Council
  • Kids4environment
  • Million Tree Project
  • Paws4Cause
  • Recycling
  • Senior Secondary Student Council
  • South Africa Vastfontein
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Suzhou Heritage
  • Suzhou Retirement Homes
  • Tang Mama
  • Wishing Well

This year sees the introduction of 3 new service groups who will be debuting at the expo. We have First Love, who are supporting the Masa Ati school in Boracay, Philippines. Wishing Well, who have partnered with the local Suzhou Children's Hospital and our latest group is the Tang Mama group who have been operating in Suzhou for many years.

The students at SSIS have incredible desire to help support others in the community and the student leaders of the groups are all very excited to get their group meetings started and plan for some excellent events and initiatives, which we will highlight throughout the school year.

Review of the Service Group Work

According to the SSIS service committee reports, SSIS service groups have been able to raise an incredible amount of money during last school year, which has gone to a variety of very important causes. They would like to express their gratitude towards the SSIS community for the donations received over the course of the year via our monthly student casual dress days and our annual Active for Action event.

  • 1.Our Heart to Heart Shanghai service group hosted various school events from a Valentines dance for middle school students to the very successful SSIS Triathlon and we are proud to announce from the money raised through the events they have held this year, along with support from the SSIS Service committee, we are able to donate 60,000rmb to Heart to Heart Shanghai.

  • 2.The South Africa Vastfontein Project service group hosted the annual Asian dinner last October and another event in the 2nd semester and with the funds raised along with support from the SSIS service committee were able to donate 20,000rmb to the orphanage in South Africa to help maintain buildings and provide resources.

  • 3.Our new service group First Love who support a school in Boracay, Philippines hosted a movie night for students, which was very successful and with the money raised and support from the SSIS Service committee have been able to donate 28,000rmb to First Love to help the construction of a Science lab, which will directly help students to graduate from school.