Bring the Authentic Local Suzhou Culture to SSIS

At SSIS, we provide many opportunities for students to participate in cross-cultural communication and interaction, which allow them to meet and get to know people who share different cultures and backgrounds with an open mind.

On Tuesday January 12th, SSIS Suzhou Heritage Club (One of the Service Clubs at SSIS) organized a series of activities for Grade 4 students to engage in to help them better understand and learn more about Suzhou local culture. During the two lessons, 4 distinct groups with 4 topics related to Suzhou’s heritage were presented. 

  • Chinese calligraphy

For the Chinese calligraphy group, they provided extra papers for students to practice using the 毛笔 (brush) and write whatever they wanted. The grade 4 students received chocolates as incentives for their contribution to the presentations, allowing them to become more involved in the exercise and enjoy calligraphy.

  • Chinese Traditional Art

Chinese traditional art group found it delightful to work with and educate the Grade 4 students. The students were all quite eager throughout the paper cutting practice and were able to cut them out perfectly. Some of the students astounded the members of the service with their comprehensive understanding of paper cutting, far more than expected. Despite the limited time with the students, the group had a great experience, especially when they interacted with the grade 4 students and watched them give their all during the activities.

  • Suzhou Cuisine

Suzhou's food discussed the various cuisine and history behind it. The grade 4 students were asked to sketch anything that they connected Suzhou to. This usually gave results of the pants building or Suzhou Center. Then service students gave them a quick quiz to assess their previous knowledge of Suzhou food. Following this activity, the group showcased and discussed some of Suzhou's culture and food. The grade 4 students were then provided with some typical Suzhou snacks to try. Though the process of presenting to the grade 4 kids was exhausting, it allowed the students to gain fresh information about Suzhou. 

  • Chinese Tea

Chinese tea group was also a huge success, and the fourth graders had a great time trying Chinese tea, some for the first time. This event was a success because the kids were involved, the preparation was comprehensive, and everything ran well. It was a fantastic experience for both students and service members.