Exciting Curriculum Development to Support Rigor Needed for SSIS Learners

SSIS pursues and promotes academic rigor and life-long learning skills to support our children being appropriately challenged, motivated and successful.

Innovations and development of the school curriculum provide our students with better opportunities to enhance learning experiences and academic excellence. In the 2021-2022 academic year, we have will adopted two new programs that will support the rigor needed to grow our learners as they move through the IB Programmes.

New Academic Programs at SSIS

  • Reveal Math

Grade Level: Grade K-10

Reveal Math is a comprehensive K-10 program. With Reveal math, we will be able to ensure a unified curriculum between the grades to provide consistency across the Grades K-10, which was developed using the latest research on how students learn best – through active thinking, rich tasks, and mathematical discourse. Linking to the Common Core Standards for mathematics, the program ensures preparation for advanced mathematics courses at the IB Diploma Programme level. The interactive student text book will provide parents with a clear picture of the program at each grade level.Reveal Math

  • English Literacy

Grade level: Grade K-8

The Readers and Writers Workshop Program Units of Study from Teachers' College at Columbia University (NYC) is a well-established program has been adopted by top international schools across the world, and the program has been showcased by the IBO as a model for student and teacher agency in action. This program relies on keeping direct teaching short with the majority of class time spent on strategic group and individual instruction based on best responsive teaching practices.

Curriculum Development at SSIS

Since Nov 2020, our teachers have spent many hours reviewing the curriculum areas in Mathematics and English literacy programs across the whole school. We have had established the Math committee and Literacy committee each was made up of ten teachers from the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, and they reviewed ten different programs in search of the best fit for our students.

After many weeks of discussion, deliberation, investigation and finally a recommendation to leadership, we have come to the decision to adopt Reveal Mathematics from McGraw Hill Publishers and the Readers and Writers Workshop Program Units of Study from Teachers' College at Columbia University (NYC).

Both of these initiatives are exciting as they have the catalyst for so many great conversations about literacy and mathematics across both elementary and secondary sections of the school, bringing us together as one school.

Professional Learning at SSIS

To carry out the best of the new programs in supporting our students' learning needs, our teachers have participated a series of Professional Development and Learning Workshops, to guarantee the successful implementation of the new programs. There is a mix of in-school and external professional development at SSIS.

Having qualified teachers at SSIS allows in-school professional development to be meaningful and relevant. Our teachers will be working in grade level and department teams to co-plan, to ensure that all students are challenged, supported and to look at authentic assessment both of and for learning.

SSIS has partnered with an outside consultant to provide our teachers with on-going professional development. For example, we focused on using Data to better know your students and how to use Metacognition as a powerful tool of learning in the classroom. The work was led by Dr. Ochan Kusuma Powell. In addition, our teachers worked with Cailin Minor from Erin Kent consultancy on the English literacy program and with Megan Holmstrom who led the work on mathematics.

As of August 2021, SSIS has proudly present a clear academic program in the areas of Mathematics and Literacy. Students are engaged in and interacting with Reveal math and Readers and Writers workshop style in class. All the new developments will bring a higher level of differentiation and inclusion into the classes. It will allow teachers to focus on the individual needs of each student.

Looking forward for a fruitful new year full of learning!