Exciting Extra-Curriculum Program for SSIS Students This Academic Year

"Extra curricular activities are an essential part of a students educational experiences since it provides additional opportunities outside classroom that encourage students to participate in the ones that meet their interests and needs."

As part of our commitment to improve and bring the best holistic education to our community, SSIS underwent some subtle (yet fundamental) structural changes in the Activities programme towards the end of last year. The changes saw a reshuffle of priorities, focus, and responsibilities across the team BUT more importantly a change in mindset of how to present the programme to the community. The end result of this is a commitment toward providing a one face/one stop shop approach to all Extra Curricular Activities. What this means is that the community get to see, and register for, all of the activities, under one umbrella/format.

For 2021-2022 fall season, SSIS Extra Curricular Program (ECP) provides 100+ activities ranging from athletics, creativity, performing arts and service groups. Activities can take place at lunchtime, afterschool and on the weekend.

  • Athletics

Students have opportunities to participate in both competitive and/or non-competitive sporting events within the school and externally. Sports include Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Cross country, Track & Field and Swimming, as well as Yoga, Fitness, Dance and Cheerleading for elementary students.

  • Creativity and Performing Arts

These activities encourage students to explore and develop their personalities, creativity and skills. Art and Crafts, Mindful coloring, Origami, Drama production, Choral group and more are offered. Students of every level will have opportunities to join after-school ensembles and perform on stage.

  • Service Groups

Our students are able to extend their personal learning experiences outside the classroom alongside our academic programmes. We provide an abundance of opportunities for our students to give back in a way that is meaningful to them. From environmental groups K4E and Recycling club to social advocacy groups Heart-to-Heart and South Africa Vastfontein Project, there is always something for every student to be involved.

At SSIS, we are committed to delivering a well-rounded Extra Curricular Program that encourage our students to develop from a holistic approach both in class and outside class. The variety of extra-curriculum program allows our students to explore interests in a supportive and engaging environment. To learn more about our ECP program, please visit our website.