Football for Humanity

This year the SSIS Habitat for Humanity Club continued their tradition of "Football for Humanity". We have hosted this event for over 7 years, and we had a great turnout. Six teams played and games were friendly, yet competitive.

Our goal is to raise money but also awareness about Habitat for Humanity: what we do, and why we do it. Habitat for Humanity builds homes, communities, and hope. In the same spirit of the international organization, we stand for hope, community, and hard work. Habitat for Humanity is not about handouts or donations, though money is useful, but instead is built on enabling those who just need a little help. Teamwork is valuable on and off the football pitch, this is what we hope to share with our community.

This event is and always will be student organized and student led. We take organization and preparation seriously: starting on time, making sure everyone is back to class on time, and scheduling games appropriately. The dedication of our club and our wonderful student body was clear through the rain and cold. Feedback from players stated that referees were unbiased and accurate in their calls and timekeepers were as precise as they could be.

Getting staff involved is a highlight for this event as well. It's so nice to compete and just have some fun with teachers from time to time. Thanks to all the players, volunteers, staff, and organizers for a great tournament, where we managed to raise over 800RMB! We hope you look forward to next year as much as we do!