Grade 2 Market Day

For the fifth unit of inquiry, "How We Organize Ourselves", Grade 2 put on their thinking caps and learned about how businesses operate in order to support their communities! Over the past six weeks, students learned about the fundamentals of economics by making connections between supply and demand, understanding the difference between goods and services, and acquiring the skills to start their own businesses. This included learning about the art of persuasive writing, crafting their own advertisements, and designing their own grade 2 currency (which they earned throughout the unit). Our second grade entrepreneurs even took time to research the open market by conducting customer surveys and examining the collective wants/needs of their community.

The unit culminated with our summative task of setting up our own businesses. Parents and teachers were invited to attend the grand opening of our second-grade market, where students presented their businesses complete with carefully constructed advertisements, goods and services to be purchased, and plenty of creativity to go around. Prior to the event, students needed to figure out their start-up costs and set their prices accordingly in order to make a profit. The goal was to budget their savings carefully so as to cover their initial expenses and pocket their extra earnings."