Grade 2 Science Fair – How the World Works

Grade 2 have been working hard. Within class time they have been learning all about Procedural texts which has led directly into our science unit and how to write a scientific procedure.

Our science unit was based on energy, with a clear focus on light and sound. The children took part in many experiments, and used their experiences in class to guide their interests, with the task of creating their own experiment and project for the Grade 2 Science Fair.

And what a great Science Fair it was! With a corridor turned into dark spaces or areas ready for a 'party of vibration' we had an event ready to please the masses. We had a wonderful group of parents come to join us and the children were prepared and ready to share their learnings of sound, refraction, reflection and so much more.

Upon completion, our Grade 2 scientists were so proud of their efforts. They did a wonderful job.