Grade 3 Science Fair

This week, Grade 3 hosted the 'How the World Works' Science Fair. The main ideas from this 6-week unit were to explore the different states of matter (solids, liquids and gasses) and how they can change. During the unit, students carried out different experiments using the scientific method to see how and why different states of matter change. Another big idea of the unit was around using variables for the experiments. A variable is something that you change to see if it will affect or change the result of the experiment.

For the Science Fair, students chose their own experiments based on changing matter. They also thought about the variable they wanted to change, and researched the science behind what caused the changes. Students and teachers put in many hours of hard work to get the displays and experiments ready to show for the big afternoon of the Science Fair.

We were all surprised at the very big turnout by the parents who were all excited to see the student's experiments. The students did an excellent job at presenting their learning, by speaking with clarity and volume, answering thoughtful questions and engaging in conversations with parents, teachers and other students. Thanks to everyone who came and made our grade 3 science fair a huge success. Well done to all of the students who put in many hours of hard work and preparation to showcase the past 6 weeks of science inquiry.