Grade 5 Installation Artwork

Grade 5 artists have taken over Mr. Johnson's Office this semester!

"Over the last 5 months, Grade 5 artists have taken over Mr. Johnson's Office!"

97 Grade 5 students have worked together to design and create an installation artwork on the walls in Mr Johnson, the elementary principal's office. The particular designs show growth and hope with bright colored handprints, trees, and rainbows.

This project is all initiated, designed and created by the students for the school. The large-scale artwork uses the handprints of all 500 elementary students to convey the message that students are important at SSIS.

"This project is very special because the Grade 5 students actually are taking every elementary student through this artwork and getting them to add their handprint to it. So we have Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten all the way from Grade 1 to Grade 5." Ms. Kendal, the elementary art teacher, shared, "We really want to involve the entire student population so that they feel like they are part of the artwork and so that all those viewing the artwork really get a sense of the community here."

This artwork gave Grade 5 artists an opportunity to explore legacy and transition through art. Grade 5 hopes that this artwork will remind all visitors that students are at the heart of what we do here.