Grade 5 Laptop Launch day
The use of technology in our classrooms is fundamental as it supports our students to engage, explore, create and share their thinking in so many ways. For most of elementary, students are using shared classroom devices, but in G5 this steps up and students bring in their own laptops to school to use as tools for learning.

Getting the laptops set up and ensuring students have the skills to use them independently and responsibility is a key part of the beginning of the year in G5. Tuesday 14th September sees the G5 Laptop Launch day. Parents and students gather in the theatre for a short presentation regarding safe and responsible use of the devices, both at school and at home. It is vital that there is a shared understanding of how and why we use the devices and how to navigate safely in a virtual environment.

In the afternoon, with the support of our IT team, students will be working their way through a series of challenges to ensure they can carry out the basics on their devices. The aim is to set up students for success in this final year of PYP. Good luck G5!