Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

This week the grade 5 learning community celebrated the completion of their Primary Years Program Exhibition (PYPX). The PYPX is a culminating inquiry experience in which the students become an expert at a chosen local and or global issue.

The students' PYPX inquiry process started six weeks ago. The tuning in stage to PYPX begun with the students listening to expert teachers speak to them about those issues they are passionate about. The students also listened to the SSIS' Service Groups speak to them about how they are making a difference to the lives of others in their local and global communities. These tuning in experiences provided the students with many opportunities to focus on their interests and PYPX possibilities.

Over the next several weeks, the students in their mentor groups developed their plans: central ideas, lines of inquiry, key and related concept and guiding questions. Once plans were in place, the students worked intensively with their mentor teachers to find out more and become experts at their chosen local and or global issues.

In their final weeks of their PYPX inquiry process, the students thought creatively about how they could present their chosen issue within their showcase space. It was important for the students to create an engaging atmosphere within their space, and expertly inform their audience about their message for change.

On the evening of Thursday 13 May, the students excitedly advocated for their chosen issues to their parents. Their message for change was later shared to their fellow SSIS and visiting schools students on Friday 14 May.