Grade 9 Cheerleading

This year marks the 5th year of Grade 9 Cheerleading and our 3rd year of performing for the parent audience. Cheerleading is a great unit which encourages the teams of 6 to collaborate and develop good practice and planning methods to allow them to choreograph the "aesthetically pleasing" performances that we saw on Monday afternoon.

Students worked hard in classes to plan and practice the routines. However, to get the routines, and their personal skills (gymnastics, chants, tumbling, acrobatics with 2 and 3 person lifts and balances) to the next level to really showcase and perform the routines students had to work during their lunch hours.

As well as the skills mentioned above further very important life skills formed a large part of the learning and this was "developing and improving their interpersonal skills" within the team to ensure they could work effectively and efficiently in the limited time of 16 lessons. They were working outside their comfort zone initially and had to engage their combined talents to show a range of skills and movements.

Well done to all 9 teams – the staff Mr Kraetzer and Mr Kelly, and special thanks to Matty Turner (Grade 4) for his help in organising the sound and lighting for the event.