Learn the Chinese ancient history from the Archaeologist

What do you do when you can’t take students on a field trip to a museum? You bring the museum to students!

On Wednesday November 24th, 2021 our Grade 6 students had an in school field trip “incursion” to learn more about ancient history from an Archaeologist, Professor Niu Yulong, from the Suzhou Institute of Archaeology. Currently, students in Individuals & Societies are learning about Ancient Civilizations and how to evaluate primary and secondary sources. 

With the theme of "Archaeology Change Cognition", Professor Niu explained the significance of archaeology and shared the formation of ancient cultural layers and archaeological research work of searching for the ancient city of Suzhou.

" Learning from the history and philosophy could stop us from making many mistakes. Same as the Archaeology, which help us to gain a better understanding of the past and human behavior” said Professor Niu. "Because Archaeology could provide more perspectives and more materials that are not available in written records."

Through a series of lectures and hands-on activities, students enhanced their understanding of archaeology and the significance of evaluating primary source artefacts, and what we can learn from even the smallest bits of pottery that are thousands of years old. Many students said the best part of the day was being able to touch real artefacts that Professor Niu and his team found, and that it was an amazing feeling to touch pottery that someone else used 3,000 years ago.