MYP Celebration Ceremony

Wednesday saw the Grade 10 students involved in their MYP Celebration day, followed by the MYP Celebration Ceremony. This event signifies the completion of the Middle Years Programme and celebrates the achievements of all students during the five years of the programme.

During the ceremony, William Wang addressed the audience and reflected on his experiences in MYP since Grade 7 when he arrived at SSIS. Most students could relate to the memories he shared and the impact that they have had on them as individuals.

Angelina also showcased her unique creativity with a beautiful performance of Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman". This just highlighted the incredible talent of our SSIS students.

Students have been challenged during their five years of MYP, but as they move onto Grade 11 and 12 and better things after SSIS, they will realise that the challenges they faced here weren't so daunting in the grand scheme of things. What these challenges did for our students was to teach them how to deal with unexpected events, disappointment, and poor choices. Later on in life, if they find themselves in a similar situation, they know how to deal with it to ensure a positive outcome.

Some things that SSIS has taught our students,far greater than any subject grade might be, are...

  • the importance of friendships and trying hard in everything they do
  • they are more capable than they thought and that there are many people out there that care about them
  • to do what they believe is interesting in order to feel motivated and do their best work
  • the importance of communication
  • the right attitude of being a student and that all students are different

Students shared their fond memories of their MYP years:

  • Stephanie will remember the ownership teachers gave students in events.
  • Antoni will remember the interesting IDU's and extracurricular opportunities that helped him grow.
  • Minseop will remember how the teachers and his friends supported him during the school year.

Congratulations to all involved in the ceremony; it was a fitting way for our students to finish the Middle Years Programme.

Best of luck to all next year, wherever you may be.