MYP Personal Project Exhibition

SSIS grade 10 students were able to present their final products to the school community last week at the Personal Project exhibition. The Personal Project is a major investigation and creation of a learning event for the students. They decide on a goal and then spend several months researching and producing some type of final product or outcome. This year we had examples such as instructional videos for online gaming, building a go-kart from scratch, and constructing shoes made from 100% recycled materials. Instead, students may develop outcomes which are events or performances. Again this year we had excellent examples of choreographed performances and musical exhibitions.

Students presented to parents and other grades about their passions for their projects and why they decided to focus on their topics. They also discussed the way in which they learned about themselves. An important part of the project is the end reflection, where the students look at how far they have come in their learning journey and what they discovered about themselves throughout the process.