Pi Week Activities at SSIS

Have you ever wondered why Math teachers get so excited about Pi day? We don't know, it's completely irrational! This year, this endless day falls on Sunday, March 14th (3.14) and the Math department at SSIS has organized a series of events to celebrate this sweet, round date during the week of March 8-12.

To start the week, all secondary students from grades 6 to 12 participated in a "Pi Creative Contest". Students were invited to submit anything creative (such as a poem, a song, a movie, photos, etc.) related to the number Pi. Our grade 7 students went around the school on a Pi hunt searching for round objects of all sorts, and the grade 6 classes made Pi-themed builds during their Math lessons with Legos and other materials. Our grade 8 students competed in their homerooms for the longest paper link with colors matching the digits of Pi, and the winners were able to match more than 200 digits of Pi!.

All students have done a great job this year, further developing their leadership and creative skills, and demonstrating they are great mathematicians, communicators, principled and knowledgeable students. Happy Pi day!