Sherlock and Cinders - the largest elementary cast in history

Everybody knows the story of Cinderella. But did you know that the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes was actually the mastermind in helping the prince locate his princess? This week, SSIS elementary students performed a new version of the famous tale.

Behind every good story there is a world of classics, a world of magic, a world of horror and every once in a while these worlds collide...

We invite you into this very situation; where fantasy meets mystery; where a tale we know so well, meets some unexpected twists and turns.. a clever detective with a need to solve a mystery, a pumpkin, a ballgown, and a (of course) a man dressed as a woman!

Mr. Kit Murray (Elementary Activity Coordinator)shared, "We have over 80 students in the cast, the largest elementary cast in recent history and we have had over 100 students in total assist with getting us to show day. The support of the secondary students has been amazing! This high energy show benefited from the expert direction of our very talented Head of Grade 2, Amy Thomson, who has been assisted by Greg Alksne, Melissa Hill, and Debby Kelly, working tirelessly behind the scenes for the entirety of the season."

We invite you into our story of Sherlock and Cinders.