SSIS College Counsellors Encourage Students to "Reach for the Stars!"

As we kick off the 2021-22 school year, the SSIS College Counsellors and Grade 12 students are hard at work preparing for their upcoming college applications and deadlines.

The college application process can be anxiety-inducing at times, but it also presents a wonderful opportunity for students to explore their own strengths and even achieve outcomes that are beyond their own expectations! Indeed, one of the key themes and refrains oft-repeated within the College Counselling Department this year is for students to "Reach for the stars!"

"In encouraging students to 'Reach for the stars!', we are asking them to model positive risk-taking in the college application process by not being afraid to go after their dream schools," remarks Ms. Emily Williams from the SSIS College Counselling Office.

"A dream university," Ms. Elizabeth Watson adds, "doesn't have to be a world famous one; it could be the university in your home town. The most important thing is that it serves as an environment where you will thrive and succeed."

College Counselling at SSIS

SSIS deliver a considered, well planned and student-centered college counselling program. The journey to university starts from Grade 9. From Grade 9 to 12, each student works closely with their counselor to explore the talents and interests to set a college application plan based on those experiences and to find the best fit program and colleges that will help him or her achieve those goals.

The SSIS College Counselling department offers a variety of events in addition to its comprehensive counselling program and timetabled curriculum. One such event is the university fair, which provides opportunities for students to connect with representatives from Colleges and Universities around the world. Last year, due to the challenges posed by pandemic, SSIS students particpated in the CIS University Exploration Day, a virtual college fair attended by international universities. A numberous online events and webinars will be available for students to engage with colleges throughout this year.

A Look Back at the Class of 2021

Our recently graduated Class of 2021 received 137 offers in total: 31 from the USA, including University of California – Berkeley, Boston University, Arizona State University, Elon University. 26 from the UK, including the University College London, University of Manchester, Royal Veterinary College. 23 from Canada, including Toronto University, McGill University, The University of British Columbia. 43 from Asia, including the National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong, and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

The SSIS College Counselling Department are committed to supporting each and every student in achieving their own definition of success. It is their pleasure to work with SSIS students as they gain admission to their first-choice universities.