SSIS Secondary Production

Over the last three months our SSIS secondary students have been busy preparing for the opening of the musical. The time has finally come for them to present "The Addams Family Musical". The cast consists of 87 students from Grade 6-12 and staff, including performers, crew, orchestra, student assistant directors and the director.

"The Addams Family Musical" follows the story of 2 families coming together for dinner because their children are in love. The Addams are a family who are open with their feelings and share everything. The Beinekes barely talk about their feelings. At the special dinner the families play a game and then chaos ensues.

The production opened on the evening of Thursday, 3rd December, but you are welcome to join the last two shows of the production in the SSIS school theatre. Friday 4th December at 6pm (last chance to buy tickets is 5:45pm at the gate) and Saturday 5th December at 3pm (last chance to buy tickets is 2:45pm at the gate).

This is truly an all singing, all dancing show with hilarious moments. The lead actors have done a phenomenal job and really do embody their characters with an artistic flare which is captivating to watch. This show will have you laughing and crying all at the same time as the characters explore a range of emotions in a truly disasterous dinner.